Thursday, 10 March 2011

Welcome to the new breed...

UGH I'm so frustrated at uni atm, feel like I'm expected to tonnes more than I can pyshically cope with and I hate everything I'm doing because I get made to feel like I should hate it!

Well I'm going to wales this weekend to see my lovely aunty and uncle and I'm gonna get my head out of my arse and come back ready to kick unis nuts!!
Had a really good chat with Shirley the other day and then blasted this out, really happy with it (especially the subliminal message in it hahaha) gonna try make my stuff more like this, detailed with funny shit chucked in for good measure, just generally wanna be better!!!
Let me know thoughts if you can be arsed :]

Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth...
Much love to everyone :)
Wish me luck on my 9 hour coach journey :|

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