Monday, 21 March 2011

Current song: Meanwhile, back in the real world- Sonic Boom Six

Thought I would whack the work I've done today up for your viewing pleasure! I'm canny chuffed with it (for now at least)
Had a productive Monday, sadly not in the lovely sunshiiiiine but nevermind ^_^

Just SLIGHTLY FUCKED OFF about this one, spent ages faffing about with it to make a background and change the wolf but didn't save it to my USB... Hopefully I saved it to the computer at uni- but I doubt it. C'est la vie!

Probably most pleased with this, his face was gash before but now thanks to the miracle of photoshop and patience it be much better-er

Sometimes I feel like this when I stare at a blank piece of paper... Or when I'm trying to get my Nana to talk about something other than the negative topics from the week.

Aye so that's it.
I went on my stepper so there TOMMY B (under his orders and stern look before bidding me farewell today- he can be a scary dude... especially with his freakishly painful flick- I've had bruises)

Gonna be a lazy bitch and do fuck all now, actually really wanna just go to sleep!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

I need to buy batteries for my camera- the phone's camera sucks balls...

Things! Nothing of a specific nature really and baaaad photos thanks to my camera being all; 'meeer I want new batteries' and my life being like; 'hahaha im gonna hide your rechargable ones mate'

so yeah.

Pimped my acoustic, I've just decided she's called Beatrice. Thanks to Liz Barton for the Christmas gift of stickers :) 

The Cats pyjamas mate

My friend Michaels hoola hoops- which he should definately call them about cuz then he'll totally get hoola hoops for life

My rubber which makes me smile- happy little thing that it is!
Forget the house that Jack built I bet the little shit couldnt make a dress. cheers to my Aunty Bethan for helping a fair amount :)
That's all folks

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Welcome to the new breed...

UGH I'm so frustrated at uni atm, feel like I'm expected to tonnes more than I can pyshically cope with and I hate everything I'm doing because I get made to feel like I should hate it!

Well I'm going to wales this weekend to see my lovely aunty and uncle and I'm gonna get my head out of my arse and come back ready to kick unis nuts!!
Had a really good chat with Shirley the other day and then blasted this out, really happy with it (especially the subliminal message in it hahaha) gonna try make my stuff more like this, detailed with funny shit chucked in for good measure, just generally wanna be better!!!
Let me know thoughts if you can be arsed :]

Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth...
Much love to everyone :)
Wish me luck on my 9 hour coach journey :|