Saturday, 19 March 2011

I need to buy batteries for my camera- the phone's camera sucks balls...

Things! Nothing of a specific nature really and baaaad photos thanks to my camera being all; 'meeer I want new batteries' and my life being like; 'hahaha im gonna hide your rechargable ones mate'

so yeah.

Pimped my acoustic, I've just decided she's called Beatrice. Thanks to Liz Barton for the Christmas gift of stickers :) 

The Cats pyjamas mate

My friend Michaels hoola hoops- which he should definately call them about cuz then he'll totally get hoola hoops for life

My rubber which makes me smile- happy little thing that it is!
Forget the house that Jack built I bet the little shit couldnt make a dress. cheers to my Aunty Bethan for helping a fair amount :)
That's all folks

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