Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Skating on brown paper

Another 'Roxy Million' illustration, this is her and Harvey out for a little skate-a-roo
I want her cardigan like, she's almost as stylish as her creator ;)

Much more to come from this, what with it eventually becoming a book.

Who's the best club in the uni?

I think you'll find it's snowsports like.
So I don't particularly like the university of sunderland, infact if I had a pound for every time I've cursed them and their shoddy facilities I could pay off my loans HOWEVER the one thing they've blessed me with is Snowsports, so many fond memories :')
And luckily for me I'm on committee this year, on marketing- in charge of all things arty :D
Here be the lovely hoody design I've created which is finished apart from the need to replace 'committee' with whatever position the person is (obviously people not on committee just have a blank sleeve) and the 'sponsors' will be the logo of our sponsers (I don't know who they are yet)

I like it- it's purple :)

Thursday, 4 November 2010

One more time!

This is Roxy and Harvey together, on a randomly ace background I pinched, for the final I'll probably just scan brown paper though

Hope you like it cuz for once I actually do!

Harro Harvey!

So I got my story sorted at uni (finally) and this is the main characters side kick, Harvey

I was going for a sort of Shaun Tan style weird character that could almost be real and at the same time really isn't.
I think he's cute! :)

Love n bubbles,