Monday, 21 March 2011

Current song: Meanwhile, back in the real world- Sonic Boom Six

Thought I would whack the work I've done today up for your viewing pleasure! I'm canny chuffed with it (for now at least)
Had a productive Monday, sadly not in the lovely sunshiiiiine but nevermind ^_^

Just SLIGHTLY FUCKED OFF about this one, spent ages faffing about with it to make a background and change the wolf but didn't save it to my USB... Hopefully I saved it to the computer at uni- but I doubt it. C'est la vie!

Probably most pleased with this, his face was gash before but now thanks to the miracle of photoshop and patience it be much better-er

Sometimes I feel like this when I stare at a blank piece of paper... Or when I'm trying to get my Nana to talk about something other than the negative topics from the week.

Aye so that's it.
I went on my stepper so there TOMMY B (under his orders and stern look before bidding me farewell today- he can be a scary dude... especially with his freakishly painful flick- I've had bruises)

Gonna be a lazy bitch and do fuck all now, actually really wanna just go to sleep!