Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Here's the asbo poster in colour, how nice!

Mach lav!

Independent work ahoy!

So I've been doing bits and pieces for Indy P lately, the main thing was their Freshers Wall Planner which I've loved doing (except for making the actual calander part, that was a nightmare) I've just sent it over to the Indy P lads so fingers crossed they like it

And I've been doing some work for the ASBO crew too, even though its taken me forever... Here's a rough poster idea :)

Larvely stuff!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Recently I've been, hopelessly reachiiinng...

That title was so cool. So is this post. ^_^

P I C T U R E S !

A present for Tommy B

Because he's amazing and helps me through all kinds of crap I made my lovely lover Tom this panda canvas, that green background was a bitch but he's worth 4 coats and a new tube of paint ^_^

Not so much a tall order as a size 7 order...

So crownheartstar haven't been selling an awful lot on folksy which was disappointing but I did get a message off a lovely young lady asking me to do her some shoes :) I asked her what she liked and I hope I've done her proud, it's her birthday present too so I'll be heartbroken if she doesn't love them!!

Independent work, or something like that

So I've been doing the Freshers wall planner for the Indy P crew and whilst making bits and bobs for it this has come about! I hang out with Tom too much, hence the willy which is his artistic influence I suppose...

I've still got loads to do, had a shit week last week and got barely anything done so need to put pen to extreme paper NOW!


This post is dedicated to my Grandpa Dave who very sadly passed away this time last week, I'll never forget his big booming laugh, his wok belly and his mustachy kisses (which were always prickly). I loved him very much and he won't be forgetten- I'm pretty sure he wouldn't let us forget him. Thanks for always showing an interest in crownheartstar Grandpa, you're happy at sea now with Great Nana Masie xx  

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Anti Social Bass Orgy

I'm the first to admit my organisational skills suck hairy balls, so this is yet another late delievery... ASBO logo take #2 (after I got the words wrong on the first one...)

Keep your eyes peeled for my Indy P wall planner comin soon!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Random bananas without pyjamas.

This is totally silly, but basically I wanted to put the conversation up that came along with me drawing on these bananas because it made me laugh (potentially it won't amuse anyone else but whatever)

Me: Mum, I've made them Mr & Mrs
Mum: Ooh well who dies first?
Mum: Oh stop drawing on my fruit will you, it means I feel bad for eating it- look at their little faces!!