Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Book- FIN.

Thank the good lord it's over and it turned out ok.
Gratzi to Tom for the camera lend :)


Ha :)

Trying to be 'artsy'

A disshevalled Bizzle with a completed book

Of course it's not perfect, if I had all the time and money in the world I'd probably totally change it BUT that main this is that it's made, it looks ok and its nearly Christmas holidays.

Oh and I've inhaled so much spray mount my throat is trying to glue itself closed...


Book noir

Ths is my little black (and white) book I'm glad I made it, even if it was a nightmare to do so, I feel like I learnt stuff for when I put the real thing together today :) oh and theres a pic of my first attempt at Harvey, don't think I'll have time to make the decent one before I hand in but we'll see

Also, I currently cant sleep...

Monday, 13 December 2010

Drum roll...

TA DAAA! So this is a more better version of my front cover.

I've also got a black and white baby book but I haven't taken photos yet cuz its a bit cack... maybe I'll take photos when the big one is made- just for the crack. The baby book nearly made me lose my actual mind, so lets see how the big one goes!


Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wey, what have you done for me lately?

This weekend, for once, I've done quite a few scribbles! It's been nice to do something other than uni work for once (although as much as I procrastinated I had to do some eventually) and although most of these are cack I thought I'd show the fruit of my labourless labours

This is just a random tongue/ text idea I'd had swilling around. The band- My Lost Youth are ace but this doesn't really go with the music (well I don't think so anyway)

I've only just come round to the idea of Ellie Goulding without Jacwob but I have to say I think I'm falling in love (also I can play 3 of her beauts on guitar)

REALLY wanted this to be my background, but I couldn't get it to work :/ Maybe Thomas 'clever pants' Boyle can get it to work... WATCH THIS SPACE (well background)

That uni work I discussed, I don't like her face- she looks like Rachel from Glee :| So I'll probably photoshop that tomorrow and change the bottom text

On Friday I went to see one of my favourite bands, Sonic Boom Six. They were frigging amazing and we stood and talked to the band after (it helps when you attend the gig with one of the bands friends) Laila K gave me her hat and I was still smiling to myself on the metro home the next day! So Anyway they do a kick ass cover of 'Addicted to bass' and I was listening to it whilst drawing this :D

That's all we have time for today folks, this blog post was sponsered by the colour purple, the letter Y and me listening to The Levellers.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

This post is just about Toms birthday card.

It's a self explanitory title really. The legend that is Thomas Boyle of Panda Funk Team fame finally turned 21 on Sunday so I made him a card with his most favourite thing on it... Brown paper! (Lol)

I was happy because he said I out Panda'd him- I learnt from the master to be fair :)


It's that hand made crap y'know

I've just realised I've never posted any of the stuff on that I send to the shop
What shop?
Oh yeah, crown heart star sells in a shop in Barnard Castle called My Generation. It's an amazing shop because it's filled with hand made, hand altered, revamped and retro stuff!! And when they opened earlier his year they asked if I would make things for them, we lived happily ever after- the end.
So here's a few pics (shoddy quality for the most part I'm afraid) of what I've sent off to them to make the pokey little town that barney is a bit cooler.
Ninja hat £15 at the shop, sold!

Ninja and Ray hat, £15

Free hand decorated shoes £12

Obviously not for the shop, but awesome colab with my buds at Ashburn paper shop

Winged high tops, £18

Sucker punched total beast shoes, sold 3 pairs already :) £15

Stuff ready to go!

Not for the shop but cool as shit anyway B)
Bags and mini canvases at the shop (there was another wall full but I've lost the photo!!)

Shoes! £15 (sold)

£15 (sold)

So now you know! I do orders if you ever see anything you like and can jazz up stuff for you if you like.
This is what I really love to do, crown heart star is my baby and I can't believe I didn't post this earlier...
Currently making more bags now (25 to be precise... wish me luck) so I'll put the pictures up when they're done :)


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Try, try a little harder

This is the shizzle I've been doing for my book, when I started I loved it and now I don't, but never mind.

'Roxy woke up one morning and took a deep breath in, but today something was wrong'

'She slipped into her shoes and bounded out of the house'

'She tried pinching her nose and eating an apple an onion and a potato- but they all only tasted sweet' 

'When will I get my sense of smell back?' Roxy sighed as she tickled Harveys belly.

It occured to me whilst breathing in excessive amounts of paint fumes at uni, provided no doubt by the people in 3D design, that I wanna do what I do now but bettter.
So I'm gonna strive to do just that- watch this space :)