Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Try, try a little harder

This is the shizzle I've been doing for my book, when I started I loved it and now I don't, but never mind.

'Roxy woke up one morning and took a deep breath in, but today something was wrong'

'She slipped into her shoes and bounded out of the house'

'She tried pinching her nose and eating an apple an onion and a potato- but they all only tasted sweet' 

'When will I get my sense of smell back?' Roxy sighed as she tickled Harveys belly.

It occured to me whilst breathing in excessive amounts of paint fumes at uni, provided no doubt by the people in 3D design, that I wanna do what I do now but bettter.
So I'm gonna strive to do just that- watch this space :)


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