Monday, 24 January 2011


Bad day.
BUT- this has risen from it and my hairs gone really soft, so it's not all bad

My mate Dan Coyne from 565 clothing says this looks like a lawyer owl, and thus his name is now Hank Hoot. He is available for all owl based legal matters and provides a no win no mouse fee service
He is not suitable for clients of the small and vunerable variety as he may eat them.

Oh yeah this is for uni, lloyds tsb illustration competition. Nah- I'm not bothered either...


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Another day another play...

Whilst everyone's out of the house I'll get some of this stupid competition work done- now where's the brief for it??? NOWHERE
Oh well back to drawing board (which is actually a graphics tablet). Just another play about really, traced ontop of some random photo...

Its alright for a muck about I think... 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

This is an investment to the company that is my future

Dear graphics tablet, I love you.
Yes I finally bought a graphics tablet today! I paid a bit more than I thought I was going to but I'm glad I did... I could go on forever about the benefits and such but I've got bangers and smash to make who can be bothered to listen!!?

A developement on yesterdays post, yes it could be better but for a first go on a piece of kit I dont use that often, I'm pleased. Really pleased.

To top off a wonderful day I'm off to one of my favourite bars to get a bit pissed with my girly friends!
Congratulations Saturday, you're a winner!

I will fob this off as work...

Wanted to draw the cover art from  Ellie Gouldings 'Bright Lights' for a while and what with me HANDING IN MY DISSERTATION THE OTHER DAY!!!!! Thats right guys, I did it (albeit utilising the 10% word count leniance) I figure it was a perfect time to do so.
Must admit it's been really nice chilling out and drawing for the fun of it for once, haven't done that in a while
I'll try pretend this is work mind- could be, 'if the wind changes you'll stay like that'

Stage 1- Lines

Stage 2- Out rageous amount of lines, will to live and ability to see are now impared...

Keep on a'rocking dudes

Monday, 17 January 2011

More of them phrase things like...

Here's two more work-in-progress phrase illustrations
I'm gonna photoshop them when I can be bothered to scan them in and such

Curiosity killed the cat... (sorry if this offends your cat)

Eyes bigger your belly

I'm already LOVING doing this work, so expect nothing but me bumming this stuff for the next few months haha

New term, new thinking head...

I am officially back at uni! Unfortunately that means I can no longer put off my dissertation (currently totting up a poor 4,508 words of a 5,500 minimum) but never-the-less the brain is back to firing on all cylinders!

Final Major Project time then (or FMP- fooomp, as I like to call it) and I'm pleased with what the old bonce  has decided upon- nice one brain, as a return favour maybe I'll read a book or watch world cinema.
Basically I want to create a book based around old phrases and proverbs using my illustrations to represent the phrase. It's gonna be called 'A Figure Of Speech'
It all came from this drawing that I got in mind when I was tidying my room (when I do all my best thinking) and I got it down on paper a day later...


Wonderful mind maps...

Thanks to Tom for letting me use his posca on this unecessarily time consuming bad boi...

So far that's it, I will as ever keep you beauties posted. Wish me luck on this pissing dissertation
Oh yeah and gratzi to my 2 new followers, legends!


Monday, 10 January 2011


Contents are as stated...

Bags! I've actually made 5 for the shop in the last week, but I'm a bit numbed from christmas and new year excess so I forgot to photograph them :|
Nevermind, these ones are better!

I can't remember how much they are... But they're hand painted so that's nice innit!?

They aren't out on display yet so if you'd like one and happen to be in Barnard Castle, go into My Generation and request them- it makes me look mint B)

Of course if you ask me nicely I'll make you one for a 5er!