Monday, 17 January 2011

New term, new thinking head...

I am officially back at uni! Unfortunately that means I can no longer put off my dissertation (currently totting up a poor 4,508 words of a 5,500 minimum) but never-the-less the brain is back to firing on all cylinders!

Final Major Project time then (or FMP- fooomp, as I like to call it) and I'm pleased with what the old bonce  has decided upon- nice one brain, as a return favour maybe I'll read a book or watch world cinema.
Basically I want to create a book based around old phrases and proverbs using my illustrations to represent the phrase. It's gonna be called 'A Figure Of Speech'
It all came from this drawing that I got in mind when I was tidying my room (when I do all my best thinking) and I got it down on paper a day later...


Wonderful mind maps...

Thanks to Tom for letting me use his posca on this unecessarily time consuming bad boi...

So far that's it, I will as ever keep you beauties posted. Wish me luck on this pissing dissertation
Oh yeah and gratzi to my 2 new followers, legends!


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