Thursday, 17 February 2011

I'm here to Pimp Yo' Jacket!

So MONTHS ago my Aunty Bethan handed me her 'favourite leather jacket, I wouldn't trust anyone else with this just so you know' and asked me to do as I would with it, artistically of course... Favourite jacket? Had it for years? Trust no one else with it?    No pressure then...
But at times I'm shite and it takes me forever to do stuff, and on top of that I had deadlines, dissertations and Final Major Project proposals coming out my ears so that just didn't help
The final kick up the arse was that her, my uncle and my awesome prodigy child cousin Megan were coming to visit. Hows the jacket coming? UUUUHHHH SHIT.

Quick sketchy brainstorm, paints out, jacket laid out, spotify on, position assumed- lets go! And after what I think was about 4 hours of labour the baby was born at 2.24AM on 17th February 2011

First design

Whch changed to make it more awesome...

First outlines!

12.06 AM- Tea break!

Colour time sucka!

Done with all the painting faff!

My artistic nest :]

Honestly whatever modesty I normally have balls to it becuase this is frigging ace. Bethan loves it, I love it, people on Facebook are loving it.
It's loved!
Painting on leather is the actual sex, if anyone ever wants their jacket doing I'll gladly take it on :3

We're wetting the babies head on saturday at Krash (where better for it's first outing??)
Rock 'n' Roll dudes!

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