Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Things of late...

I'm a terrible blogger-er.
Also I've been busy/ preoccupied with other things, mainly being poor but we don't talk about that.

For the Poetry thang at uni, I like this, my friends like this, my nicer tutor likes this. My tutor and one of the competition judges does not like this. So That's annoying...

I'm entering the mambo competition (in fact by the time you read this I may have already entered it) So you'll all have to vote for me on facebook, search for Mambo Surf Deluxe and I'll be in their competition entries section soon!!
Words can't describe how much I would love to win this guys so any support would be greatly appreciated :D

I'll put loads on my FMP shizzle up soon but for now that's yer lot!

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