Tuesday, 5 October 2010

You think I'm a terrible Illustrator but you are definately a terrible human being

This post had bad words in it... Through fear of the cause of this anger seeing it I've edited this post so that it only consists of pretty pictures.

Drawn whilst getting used to only eating soup.

'I'm not your friend anymore Ed!' for the book that won't be made...

Character idea

Random play about

Legs 11

Chick done whilst bored in Barnard Castle...

Hope at least one of these doodles made your eyes moderately pleased! I wanna get my arse in gear and do This Is England inspired stuff (no- I don't just like it because of the TV show, I remember the film being played on Film 4, '86 just reminded me how ace it is)

Peace out for now dudes, I'm off to suck ice whilst tucked up in bed...



  1. Stick in cos you my dear are bloody amazing!....the dragon bitch tutor is just jealous and probably very VERY frustrated ;)
    Deb P


    Nice things these, specially like those cool girly ones!! Good shit!! :D

  3. God, i actually think the woman is bipolar or something. The amount of times she said she likes something only to backtrack...

  4. Ah, I especially like the picture of the "chick done in Barnard Castle" - she looks like she could very easily be a character in a comic book. Have you ever done comic strips before?
    Is she totally imagined, or based on somebody?
    I think its the details, such as the eyes and the hair (yours is lovely) that really make comic book and manga images. Following on from that, I would love to see what she's wearing!

  5. P.S. Your fabric pattern detail on the legs, too, is lovely, and reminds me of manga.

  6. I'm always on your side too :) xxx

  7. Only just noticed I had so many comments! Cheers gang
    SJ, I'm not too good at comics- I've tried before but I get a bit impatient with it,wanting to do one awesome image and have it be done with it kinda why I stayed clear of animation lol
    But thank you i really liked it :) It was based on a random girl in a magazine