Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Bizzle Howdy...

Blog take 2
I failed miserably at my previous blog, I'm not eniterly sure what went wrong but it may have had something to do with my lack of memory with regards to e-mail and password...
So I spent a summer in Spain, artless, head brimming with random ideas and doodles and no outlet for them...
I also spent the summer looking through Thomas Boyle's Panda Funk Team blog thinking, 'Pfft I really need to sort my shit out cuz this dude is making me look like an artistic mong.' And kids that's just what I intend to do!
I'm hopping on board my last year at Sunderland University and I'm not gonna lie- I can't wait to be rid. My tutor makes me feel like a useless hairy armpit and I would be much happier in a studio working to be paid.

So this is my new beginning, wish me luck I suppose!

Bexy Bizzle 

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