Monday, 11 October 2010

This Is England (Delayed Reactions 'R' Us)

So This Is England '86 was on our screens a few weeks ago... By christ.
It was awesome, or at least I thought so (along with the rest of my mates having debates and squealing sessions when discussing rape scenes- along with our new found love for 'Harvey' aka Michael Socha)
I loved the film (loved the fact film4 let me watch it free too) It was just a bit of an eye opener for me and really keeps your interest going strong, I ended up using it in my research for an essay I was writing about the Skin head subculture and thinking about it now my essay was probably just me waffling on about it...
And how kind of Shane Medows to give us more! Thankfully revealing that Milky didn't die after Combo lost the plot and caved his head in and lovely to see Woody and gang all still hanging out
I read someone else's blog on the show and they were just constantly knit picking it about how because they were all different subcultures now they wouldnt all still hang out or whatever, who cares!? Harvey was a wanker to Shaun at school in the film and there he is now, mates with him- Shaun even asks if he can stay at Harveys house!
Anyway I loved it- the last episode resulted in complete silence in my living room with my 4 flatmates and me gobsmacked yet glad that Lol's sod of a father finally got what he deserved!!

So I did this scribble of Kelly, I have a girl crush on her and I think I kinda want her hair...

If you haven't seen it I really do reccomend both the film and TV series, it's a bit graphic at times so keep the kiddies and nanas away!

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