Thursday, 6 October 2011

Let me take you on a journey through time and sketchbook...

Basically I have a load of crap in my sketchy b that I haven't had chance to digitally faff about with yet so I thought, why not slap it on my blog for the crack!?
Cue pictures stage right.
Random monster type folk

Originally this was Nicola Roberts. I'm glad it doesn't resemble her anymore if I'm honest..

Nuke. Just blew it.

Young girl I saw at the bus stop a while ago who I thought would make a cool character in something, but I'll be leaving comics and such to Tommy B

Ala Liz Buckland artwork

Eventually this is to be Indy P's new drink menu!

I don't recall if I've already posted this... But if I have then I'm reposting. LIKE A BAAWWSS!!  

Aye. So there!


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