Saturday, 1 October 2011

Do you do t-shirts? WE DO NOW!!

Finally, I have said balls to having no money and had some t-shirts printed, y'know- for the crack.
Admittedly what with them being a first run I've tried to play it safe and not spend too much (because I really can't afford to haha) and they were worth it! To be honest I really need people to buy them but at the same time I want to keep them for myself (providing at some point I become small, medium and large)
So here they be! (wonderfully modelled by my boy Tommy B)



 Also I made some shoes, thinking I could flog them at Bright Sparks but due to evil forces of doom it was cancelled and my plans for a slightly least black hole-ish bank balance were quaffed... But never mind I suppose they'll be other chances!!
Hand drawn shoesies!

Fingers crossed for me team. I need a dollar, dollar dollar is what I need (well a pound or 10)

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