Tuesday, 19 April 2011

How's my drawing? Call 0800-1-DON'T-CARE

I haven't posted any nonsense in a wee while. You would think I would have loads to show but I'm shit so I don't! Never mind eh!?

  1.  Uni is pointless other than making friends for life.
  2. crownheartstar did well at the shop the other day. Flogged some plims(£8), a bag(£8) and a squirrel drawing (£30 to moi- keeerrrching!)
  3. I'm home for Easter currently enjoying the company of my lovely dog Rocky
  4. My Mum is officially on the world wide facebook. Lock up your sons- actually sons, lock up your Dads... Ha!
  5. I'm bricking it for the FMP deadline!
  6. Tom made me laugh via the means of text massarge today
  7. I threw a load of crap I didn't need any more out
  8. I'm playing at an acoustic night on Thursday and I'm scared...
  9. This blog has n n n n n nineteen followers now (if you don't get that joke, you need to wise up on 80s tunes)
  10. I wanted to have 10 updates...
And now, for images.
For a puffin book cover comp, which I forgot to enter... Oh well!

They say there's someone out there for everyone. I say 'love is blind!'

We've decided Rocky actually does that while no one's in- sit in his arm chair and read the paper. 'Sick As A Dog'
That is mostly all
P.S- I love my dog more than I like you, soz!

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